DJI Avata – Major Flaw Discovered? HOLD OFF BUYING

A few days ago I uploaded a video going over my thoughts on the DJI Avata after flying it for 30 days. In my video, I recommended the drone, unfortunately, I now have to retract that statement and stance as new information has come to my attention after recording that review. Many people are reporting the DJI Avata falling from the sky when flying aggressively in Manual mode and some have even reported it in Sport mode.
I have not been able to recreate the problem myself but it is concerning enough that my recommendation is to hold off purchasing the DJI Avata until this issue has been addressed by DJI.
UPDATE: Even since publishing this video, more videos have emerged showing the DJI Avata fall for no apparent reason even when flying in sport or normal mode. This is not pilot error there is a serious problem. Please take care when flying the Avata.

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