DJI Crystal Sky Waypoints 2.0 Firmware Update

A few days ago DJI released a new firmware update for the Crystal Sky that brought support for waypoints 2.0. Many users of the Crystal Sky have been patiently waiting for this new feature that was first introduced for the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom well over a month ago. Waypoints 2.0 has been available for smartphone or tablet uses and even owners of the new Smart Controller for quite some time, unfortunately, the Waypoints update for the DJI Go4 app was not available for Crystal Sky users until a few days ago and this did not sit well with many Crystal Sky owners.  When you pay premium prices for a high-end device such as the Crystal Sky you would think DJI would make updates for it a priority. This has been a common issue with Crystal Sky so far, hopefully going forward updates will be released in a more timely manner.

Waypoints 2.0 is a Go4 app update only, not a complete system update. To update your DJI Go4 app to get the new Waypoints 2.0 update simply launch DJI Go 4. Navigate to settings and click on “Check For Updates”. You should then be prompted to install the new update. You can watch my video were I demonstrate Waypoints 2.0 running on the DJI Crystal Sky.

DJI Crystal Sky: