Rode Wireless Go 2 Charging and Storage Case

In our latest YouTube video we are taking a look at a wireless charging case that is compatible with both the original Rode Wireless Go and the Wireless Go 2. This charging case has a built-in 3400 mAh battery that will automatically start charging your microphones as soon as they are docked inside. You can charge your Rode Wireless Go 2 microphone up to 7 times on a single charge. An accessory like this is perfect for those who travel and are not always around traditional power.  Keeping your Wireless Go 2 docked when storing will ensure that your microphone system is always charged and ready to go when you need them. The overall footprint of this charging case is quite small so the whole unit will fit nicely in a camera bag or backpack allowing you to charge your gear on the go. As a bonus, this charging case also comes with a USB-A port that allows you to charge any device that is rechargeable via USB.

Charging Case:
Wireless Go 2:

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