DJI FPV 30 Days In Review

DJI FPV Combo (Amazon)

This is my review of the DJI FPV Drone after 30 days of flying it. Now I am primarily a Camera Drone person and this is really my first dive into FPV. A few months back I did pick up some FPV equipment to try and learn but I found myself not having the time needed to really learn it properly. The nice thing about the DJI FPV system is that the drone itself will fly like any Mavic drone so the learning curve is very small. You get the thrill in the speed of FPV but the stability and failsafe‘s of a traditional GPS DJI drone. I think the DJI FPV drone will appeal to a wide variety of people, however if you are a dedicated FPV pilot the drone itself probably won’t be all that appealing to you as it is not configurable or repairable as a traditional FPV drone. I wasn’t quite sure how much I would use this drone, but over the past 30 days I have flown the DJI FPV drone quite a bit in fact I think I have flown it more than my GPS drones.

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