DJI FPV Drone Long Term Review – After 6 Months Of Flying

DJI FPV Combo:​​​​​​
Motion Controller:​​
DJI FPV Fly More Kit:​​

The DJI FPV kit has been out for about 6 months now at the time I recorded this video and I thought I would share my thoughts and experience after spending many hours flying this drone. Now I will start by saying that this drone is not for everybody, if you are an FPV enthusiast then you probably will have little interest in this ready-to-fly drone. If you are a cinematographer and your only passion is to capture cinematic video and stunning photography, again this drone is probably of no interest to you. The DJI FPV drone is a mix of both an FPV and a GPS camera drone, if you are familiar with flying DJI Mavic drones that you will be comfortable flying this drone as it works pretty much the same. It’s a full GPS drone with all the safety features and fail-safes as any other DJI drone such as, return to home, fail-safe return to home, and low battery return to home. It also has a toned-down version of obstacle avoidance. You launch and land it just like any other stabilized GPS drone and for the most part, the sticks and control are the same. With all this familiarity it’s easy for any individual with some GPS drone experience to pick up and start flying and feel comfortable. Of course, because it’s FPV there are some differences such as you are wearing goggles instead of looking at a feed on your smartphone. The movements of the drone are quite different as the gimbal is not stabilized the same way as a GPS drone which is how you get that sense of flight. The DJI FPV drone is a great way for a drone enthusiast to fly and experience FPV with little to no practice. More info on my thoughts on the DJI FPV drone in my full video review.

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