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DJI Osmo Series

Extended Battery Rig With Extension Pole For DJI Osmo Pocket



The DJI Osmo Pocket is a fantastic new camera introduced by DJI in December, there are many powerful features including a built-in gimbal packed into this pocket-sized camera. However, one downfall to this little camera is the fact that it has a built-in battery and can not be swapped out. This can be a problem for power users who need to get a full day of filming out of the unit without having to stop and recharge it. I have put together a handy little rig that has a built-in power bank and an extension handle without adding a lot of bulk to the setup. It goes togeather and tears down quickly. The components including the extension pole are compact and can fit into small camera bags and cases quite easily such as the GoPro Casey which I demonstrate in this video. Watch our Youtube video to see what components and parts you will need to build this ultimate vlogging rig for the DJI Osmo Pocket.

Parts You Will Need (Some Are Optional)

Battery Handle:
Extension Pole:
Short USB-C Cable:
GoPro Casey:
Osmo Pocket Mount:
Osmo Pocket:



The nice thing about this extended battery and vlogging rig For DJI Osmo Pocket is that it all fits into smaller camera cases including the extension pole.


Parts included in my extended battery and vlogging rig For DJI Osmo Pocket.


Due to its small and sleek design, the FeiyuTech Battery handle is perfect to be used with the Osmo Pocket.


A shorter USB-C cable is better when building this rig, less cable clutter. However, the stock USB-C cable that was included with the Osmo pocket will work just fine.


Extended battery and vlogging rig For DJI Osmo Pocket.

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DJI Osmo Series

DJI Osmo Pocket Charging Case Review



In this video review, we are taking a closer look at the new charging case for the DJI Osmo Pocket. When the Osmo Pocket was launched late last year, DJI showcased a variety of useful accessories including the charging case. The accessories have been slowly released over that past several months on the DJI website and last week they made this new charging case for the Osmo Pocket available.

Essentially the charging case is a small hard protective case that has a built-in 1500 mAh battery that can recharge or top off your Osmo Pocket when it is mounted and stored inside. The Osmo Pocket itself has an 875 mAh battery so from empty you can recharge your Osmo Pocket approximately 1.5 times. The charging case also features some inside storage space for 4 ND filters, 2 memory cards, and both smartphone adapters. DJI sells its own brand of ND filters that fit inside, however, I also tested the storage space with 3rd party ND filters including PolarPro, PGYTech, and Freewell Gear and they all fit inside the storage spots perfectly. Please be aware if you own ND filters with built-in polarizer they are a little larger and I found they did not fit properly like intended.

Once the Osmo Pocket is secured inside the charging case will start to charge it automatically. When it comes time to recharge the charging case you can do so via a USB-C port at the bottom of the unit. This will charge the case by itself and if you have the Osmo Pocket installed inside it will charge that as well. One thing I was surprised to find out is that you can not use the charging case as an independent power bank to recharge devices directly when plugged into the bottom USB-C port, maybe this will change with a future firmware update. As for firmware updates, the user manual is very vague on how this is achieved, I am not sure how the update is done. Perhaps updates are transferred from the Osmo Pocket itself when mounted inside or via the USB-C port at the bottom while plugged into a computer. Once I find more out about updating the firmware of the Osmo Pocket charging case I will update this post.

The case has a nice small profile and keeps the Osmo Pocket just that a camera you can easily fit in your pocket. The price is very steep however, it comes in a $129 USD and I am sure the price will deter many from purchasing. I think that the charging case will come in handy for those users who want to shoot all day with their Osmo Pocket but don’t want to carry around a lot of gear. You can watch our video review below.

Osmo Pocket Charging Case:




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DJI Osmo Series

Generic Microphone Adapter For DJI Osmo Pocket | Do Not Waste Your Money On These



Part of what I like to do on my YouTube channel is to test products to help inform customers when it comes to purchasing products. This sometimes includes testing generic and 3rd party accessories as they can tend to be a little cheaper than official accessories, I am all about saving a few dollars when I can. The downside is generic products sometimes do not perform as well as its official counterpart and can actually cost you more money in the long run.

A few weeks back DJI released its microphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket which is needed if you wish to connect an external microphone. Within days, generic versions of the adapter started popping up on websites including Amazon at a fraction of the cost. These versions are labeled to work with the Osmo Pocket and also include images of Osmo Pocket, so the must be legit, right? Well, I was curious how a generic $2.99 adapter would stack up to the official DJI $39.99 adapter. After my order was placed the generic adapter took about 2 weeks to arrive. A quick visual inspection showed they are of similar shape with a few differences including being a little smaller.

Now to back peddle a bit, in between ordering this generic adapter and before it arrived DJI released a new firmware update that added some new features and fixed a few issues. One of the new features the update added was a new visual notification that a microphone adapter and microphone has been connected, this was great as until the update there was no way to know if the Osmo Pocket was indeed connected and using the external microphone.

The generic microphone adapter arrived and I was eager to test it out, but my testing was cut short due to the fact that the Osmo Pocket did not detect when the generic microphone adapter was plugged in, this was really no surprise to me really. I had a feeling this $2.99 adapter was going to be a bust. I did continue however to see if the microphone did work, just making sure that perhaps only the icon would not show up because it was a non-official DJI part, but again no luck. Now I wonder if this adapter did work at some point and the latest firmware update locked it down, GoPro has done something similar in the past with 3rd party batteries. I am not sure if this is the case or not but it is quite plausible.

So do not waste your money on generic microphone adapters for your Osmo Pocket. Even if you do happen to find one that does work it could be disabled via a firmware update if DJI chooses to do so and could leave you stuck if you rely on your Osmo Pocket for vlogging, work or play.

Official Microphone Adaptor:
Osmo Pocket (DJI Store)
Osmo Pocket (Amazon)


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