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FeiyuTech G6 Motor Noise Testing



This is just a simple video to show a sample of noise generated by the FeiyuTech G6’s motors. It is a common problem with most Gimbals as the microphones on the GoPro are very susceptible to vibration noise. Personally, I found the noise to be at an acceptable level and the audio track quite usable, others may disagree. For those who want nice clear audio please refer to my video where I show you how to use an external microphone with the FeiyuTech G6.

Sample Video Spec’s: Hero 6 Black mounted in FeiyuTech G6 – Audio Test.

FeiyuTech G6 (USA)
FeiyuTech G6 (CAN)

GoPro Hero 6 Black (USA)
GoPro Hero 6 Black (CAN)