Foam Wind Screen For GoPro Hero 7 Black

In this video review, we are taking a closer look at a foam windscreen for the Hero 7 Black. We will look at what they are for and how well they perform. Now the title states this is for the Hero 7 Black but it is also fully compatible with the Hero 5 and Hero 6 Black models as they all have the exact same form factor. The GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Black has several built-in microphones placed in different locations around the body of the camera. With its microphone management, it disables various microphones if it detects wind noise. This works not to bad sometimes but it definitely is not perfect and you can still get irritating wind noise when filming outdoors on a windy day. If you are a moto vlogger a windscreen like this can be very important. You may have your GoPro mounted on your motorcycle and without a windscreen, your audio is unusable due to the wind noise. But what if you want to capture the sound of the engine to add ambiance to your videos. That’s were this foam wind protector comes in.

When you place your GoPro inside the windscreen it acts like a “DeadCat” that you would use with an external microphone and helps eliminate the wind noise. The GoPro fits right inside and you are left with openings for the back screen, buttons and mount on the bottom. All the microphone are protected by the foam case. In my video review, I show you a video example of the GoPro outside a vehicle without the windscreen and then a comparison video with the windscreen installed and the difference is like night and day. Watch our YouTube video review below.

GoPro Foam Windscreen (USA)
GoPro Foam WIndscreen (CAN)



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