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GoPro Hero 5 Charging Accessories | SuperCharger & Dual Charger



Here is an unboxing and review video of the new charging accessories for GoPro Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 session.

GoPro SuperCharger

The first item we go over is the new SuperCharger from GoPro. It is the latest charger from GoPro that has two USB slot that allows you to charge two devices at once. One is a traditional USB slot that can charge any GoPro or compatible  USB device including the Hero 5 Black and The Hero 5 Session. The second port is a USB-C port that is designed to charge your Hero 5 black super fast via a USB-C cable that comes supplied with the unit. The package also comes with international adaptors which makes this a great accessory for people who travel abroad.

GoPro States that you can charge compatible GoPro devices from 20% to 70% faster when utilizing the USB-C port. I can confirm that my Hero 5 Black and Session do charge significantly faster while using this charger. The Supercharge from GoPro is also a great tool for those that like to shoot long time lapses. You can power your GoPro continuously while plugged into the supercharger for long extended time-lapses or overnight night-lapses.

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GoPro Dual Charger for Hero 5 Black

GoPro has had dual chargers for previous generations of it camera line and with the launch of the Hero 5 Black is has released a Dual Charger for it as well. You get a spare Hero 5 battery with this unit which is great, you can never have too many batteries. This charger allows for two Hero 5 Black batteries to be charged simultaneously and when used in conjunction with the Supercharger you can charge both batteries at lightning speed. Another nice feature is its closed design, this allows you to connect a power bank to charge your batteries and place it in your back pack. Because of its design, the batteries will stay securely in place so you can charge will hiking or cycling or just on the go.

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The GoPro Supercharger and the GoPro dual charger for Hero 5 black are a great value and I know they are some of my most used GoPro accessories. They are definitely in my to 10 list of must have GoPro accessories.