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If you want your GoPro footage to be buttery smooth you might just want to check out the Karma Grip from GoPro. The Karma grip can be purchased by itself or with the karma drone package. Either way, you will soon fall in love with it and if you’re like me may never film without it again. When purchased as a stand along stabilizer it comes with its own molded case that fits it perfectly and offers good protection. When you open the box you will find the following items. User manual & warranty information, Karma Grip case, Karma Grip unit consisting of handle and gimbal, mounting ring and a Velcro strap that is used to help secure the Karma Grip when mounted on extension poles.

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Watch our unboxing, setup and review video of the GoPro Karma Grip on our YouTube channel. There is plenty of sample footage of the Karma Grip in action near the end of the video.


I have been using the Karma Grip for several weeks now and really I don’t know how I ever managed to live without it, it by far is now my favorite GoPro accessory and I will probably rarely film without it. The smoothness of the video is simply stunning and definitely can be comparable to what is referred to Hollywood quality with very little practice. A couple of drawbacks for me, however, is the lack of removable battery, it would have been really nice to be able to swap out a battery if shooting for long periods. With that said GoPro does sell the handle part separately on its website which is what contains the battery for $99.99. picking up a spare is a good option if you need lots of battery power. The second drawback for me is the lack of an extension bracket on the bottom. It would have been nice if GoPro had developed an extension accessory that could be easily attached to the bottom of the Karma Grip to give you that little extra reach. This, however, can be easily overcome with GoPro’s new El Grande extension pole which easily connects to the Karma Grip and when fully extended give you an extra 38 inches of reach.

Karma Grip Battery Performance

Many wonder how long the battery lasts on the Karma Grip, I don’t have an exact number for you but what I can tell you is that I am extremely pleased with the battery performance of the Karma Grip. Last weekend I was out for a hike with my family and did quite a lot of filming over a 5 hour period. When I arrived home my Karma grip was still half full so that is not bad in my opinion. Alternatively, you can also use a power bank to top off the Karma grip if needed. Myself I always have a power bank in my backpack while out hiking and filming, I use a 6-foot USB-C cable to plug into my Karma grip and it allows me to use it while charging at the same time.

All in all, I am more than pleased with the functionality of the karma grip, the built-in controls make it super easy to start and stop recording as well as changing modes and marking hi-light tags. This to me is the best gimbal stabilizer on the market today for the GoPro Hero 5 Black. I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a GoPro stabilizer. You will not be disappointed.

Karma Grip U.S. Amazon:

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GoPro Karma Grip box contents including hard case.


GoPro Karma Grip attached to the GoPro El Grande extension pole.


GoPro Karma Grip easily attaches to the GoPro Seeker backpack.

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