GoPro Minimalist Travel Kit for 2023

This is my minimalist GoPro travel kit for 2023 when I need to pack extremely light. Quite often when traveling I need to pack light and can not take all the gear I would typically use. The GoPro Hero 11 Black is the perfect camera for travel and adventures due to its rugged build and small size. In my minimalist GoPro travel kit for 2023, I have everything I need to capture our adventures. These are also what I consider to be GoPro essential accessories.

GoPro Hero 11 (Amazon)
GoPro Volta (Amazon)
GoPro Max (Amazon)
GoPro Casey (Amazon)
Hero 11 Black Media Mod (Amazon)
Protective Housing (Amazon)
GoPro Light (Amazon)
Charger & Spare Battery (Amazon)
Anker Magsafe Power Bank (Amazon)
GoPro Floating Grip (Amazon)
Magnetic Swivel Mount (Amazon)
Rode Lav Mic (Amazon)
Anker 45w Charger (Amazon)

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