GoPro Power Bank Grip

In this video, we are taking a closer look at a power bank grip/handle that is a must-have for every GoPro camera kit. This power bank handle is sold by Ulanzi and it is their second version of a grip like this and it has some really nice improvements. If you are like me when out adventuring on day trips or overnight trips you will have a power bank packed in your camera bag to charge up your GoPro or devices as needed. With this handy power bank handle, you get 2 devices in one. You can use it like any traditional power bank to just recharge your camera gear or smartphone but you have the added bonus of using it as a handle for you GoPro or other similar action cameras, even your Osmo Pocket.

This power bank grip allows you to charge your GoPro while using it eliminating the need to swap out batteries if you have a full day of filming. It has a 1/4 20 mount on the top, you will need to supply your own GoPro finger mount as one is not included in the box. There is also a 1/4 20 mount on the bottom for connecting things like extension poles or even a tripod if you want to set the unit on a table or perhaps grab a long extended timelapse, this power bank grip will allow you to do that. There is a short USB-C cable included in the package to connect the power bank grip to your USB chargeable devices. I am very glad they opted to go with a USB-C port for recharging the handle, that’s one step closer to throwing out all my Micro-USB cables.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check the remaining power of this unit, some LEDs to signify the remaining charge would have been nice. There are two small LEDs under the output and input ports. The output port LED turns red when the power is getting low and the input LED is blue when recharging the handle and turns off when fully charged. This power bank grip has a total capacity of 6800 mAh and is a perfect combination of power and size when you want to pack light.

Power Bank Handle (USA)
Power Bank Handle (CAN)

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