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GoPro Remo Remote for Hero 5 Black and Session



Here is an unboxing video of The GoPro Remo Remote for the GoPro Hero 5 black and the GoPro Hero 5 session.

This is the latest remote offered by GoPro for your Hero 5 cameras. The Remo Remote is only compatible with generation 5 cameras and not the Hero 4. This new Remo remote is waterproof up to 5 meters (16ft) and has a range of approximately 10 meters (33ft). However, in my testing of this remote, I found that I could get a range quite a bit further at times if there were no obstructions between the remote and the camera. This main purpose of this remote is to enhance the voice command user experience if your camera is too far for voice commands. You can simply speak your voice commands to the remote. GoPro also states it helps the GoPro hear voice commands in windy or noisy situations. The Remo also has a one-touch recording button that is large and easy to operate even if wearing thick ski gloves. The Remo Remote is compatible with 10 languages.

In the box, you will find the Remo Remote Body. Wrist housing with a strap as well as a clip housing. There is also a USB-C cable to charge your Remo Remote.

I have been using the Remo Remote for several months now and it really is a great remote. It works as it is advertised and does help the GoPro hear your voice commands when out of range or in noisy environments. The battery life is great and I love its small form factor and its simple design. A few downfalls that I must say really disappoints me is the fact that it can only be paired to one GoPro at a time. If you pair it to a second GoPro the first gets erased and you will need to go through the re-pairing steps again. The wrist strap I also find to be a little small. It will fit around your wrist with no problems, but if wearing a bulky winter jacket it simple is not long enough to go around.

Although a little pricey I do recommend this remote, a great addition to every GoPro camera bag.


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A look inside to see all the contents that come with the GoPro Remo remote.