How To Add A DIY Monitor To Your GoPro Hero 5/6 Vlog Setup

In this video, we show you a very simple method of adding a DIY monitor to your GoPro Hero 6 Black or GoPro Hero 5 Black vlogging Rig. Sometimes having a monitor is very important when vlogging to help you line up your shots. The field of view on the Hero 5/6 is quite wide and can be difficult to center yourself when just guessing. With a few parts, many of which you may already have lying around or could even be salvaged from other GoPro accessories you can easily build a monitor using your smartphone and the GoPro App.

Here is a list of the parts you will need including a microphone that I recommend as well as the adapter needed to connect a microphone to you Hero 5 or 6 Black. I also included a handle that I like. It has a built-in power bank and can keep your GoPro charged and allow you to vlog longer without having to worry about swapping out batteries.

Aluminum GoPro Frame:
Male to Male 1/4 Tripod Adapter:
Small Ballhead:
Polar Pro Phone Mount:
Power Bank Handle:
Rode Microphone:
GoPro Mic Adapter:

This DIY project and all parts for mounting a smartphone onto your GoPro vlogging setup will work with both the Hero 6 Black and the Hero 5 Black as they both have the same form factor.



A DIY project on how to add an external monitor to your GoPro Hero 5/6 vlog setup.


A back view of the GoPro monitor vlog setup.


A view of the rig without the smartphone mounted.


A few simple parts are all that is needed to build this DIY external monitor add-on.


Some optional components in this video. The Rode VideoMicro and a power bank handle for your GoPro vlogging rig.


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