How To Connect A Microphone To The GoPro Hero 10

The GoPro Hero 10 is a popular choice for those who want to vlog with a minimal camera setup. However, one thing that is a must if you will be using your GoPro Hero 10 for vlogging is a good microphone. In this video, I go over two different methods on how you can attach a microphone to your GoPro Hero 10. The first method involves using the media mod that GoPro sells for the Hero 10 Black. It has a microphone port built-in that you will need to connect the microphone, and just as important it has 2 cold shoes built-in, these are also needed so you can mount your microphone. This is my preferred method of connecting a microphone to the Hero 10 black as it is a nice streamlined and compact solution. The second method is to use the Microphone adapter that GoPro sells. It was first launched alongside the Hero 5 Black but it is fully compatible with the Hero 10. You will need some sort of frame to use with it, again you need a cold shoe to mount your microphone. I demonstrate this second method using the Ulanzi vlogging cage. It has 2 cold shoes for accessories and also a spot to mount the microphone adapter. The next step is to choose a microphone that is right for you. I go over my two favorite microphones that I like to use with the Hero 10 Black, the Rode Wireless Go 2, and the Rode VideoMicro.

GoPro Hero 10 (Amazon)
Hero 9/10 Black Media Mod (Amazon)
GoPro Microphone Adapter (Amazon)
Rode Wireless Go II (Amazon)
Rode VideoMicro (Amazon)
Ulanzi Vlog Frame(Amazon)

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