Insta360 One Review and Basic Tutorial

A review and walk-through of the Insta360 one. This small but powerful 360 VR camera is feature rich with a small price tag. With an easy to use iOS app and desktop suite, it might just be the best 360 cameras currently on the market.

Insta360 One:

While I wait for the GoPro Fusion to be available for purchase later this month, I thought I would play around with some other 360 cameras on the market to give me a good feel of the technology that is currently available. I took a look at the Insta360 One and I must say I love the way 360 is heading. I have never been a big fan of 360 videos, I find them a little gimmicky and for the most part annoying to watch on Facebook and YouTube. Sure once and while it looks cool, but I could never really see myself filming in this format on a regular basis.

With the Insta360 One and with the Fusion, manufacturers are now steering towards capturing 360 videos in the moment, editing and punching out a traditional 1080 flat video later via “OverCapture (Fusion)” or “FreeCapture (Insta236)”. Using these new features you will never miss a moment. It’s like having multiple cameras mounted in many directions.

I encourage you to watch my Insta360 One video to see just what this little camera is capable of.

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