Latest Rylo 360 Camera Firmware Update: Remote, Timer and 180 Degree Mode

In this video, we go over some of the new features that Rylo introduced with their latest firmware update for the Rylo 360 camera. Some long overdue features were added and to me, the most important one was a photo timer. Up until now, there was no way to set a timer which is so important when taking 360 photos. A timer allows you to compose your shot. It gives you time to extend your extension pole if needed and even get out of the shot altogether if mounted on a tripod and you are taking landscape photos. The new firmware update also adds a feature that turns your phone into a remote so you can stop/start recording from a distance or take snapshots. Another interesting feature they included is a new 180-degree mode. This essentially turns off one of the lenses and is ideal for those who mount the Rylo in a chest harness style mount. One lens is covered anyways so why record from it. Some great new updates from Rylo.

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