Macro Lens for the DJI Action 2

Action 2 Macro Lens:
DJI Action 2:

In this video review, we are taking a look at the newly released macro lens for the DJI Action 2. This Macro lens is an official accessory for the Acton 2 directly from DJI. It is simple to use as it just connects magnetically to the front of the camera when using just the camera module or when using the camera module attached to the battery base or dual-screen base. There is a setting in the menu to allow the Action 2 to automatically detect the macro lens and adjust things accordingly. For the most part, I am pretty happy with the quality and the results it can produce, now if you are a macro photography enthusiast this may not live up to your standards but for the casual user, this addon macro lens can allow you to take some stunning close up photos or videos. I wish they had included some sort of case or pouch to keep it protected when not in use but all in all, I am pretty happy with the purchase. In this video, I include some sample photos and videos captured with the Macro Lens for the DJI Action 2.

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