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Sokani X1 Mini LED Cube Light Review



In this video review, we are taking a closer look at the Sokani X1 LED light. This small and compact cube-shaped light is made of aluminum and built to be strong, durable and waterproof. This light can be used in the rain or underwater up to 20 meters or 65 feet. The quality build and small form factor of this light makes it the perfect light to be used with your GoPro, vlogging rig or even mounted on a drone to light up your subject or even just to make the drone more visible.

The Sokani X1 has a beam of 120 degrees and a color temperature of 5600K which can be converted to 3200K when using the included 3200k diffuser. It also comes with a white diffuser if you just want to soften up the light a little. When you purchase the package there are a variety of color gels included helping you achieve the exact type of lighting you need. The light features a simple one-button design, a long press powers on the unit. You can select one of 4 brightness levels, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. According to the manufacturer, you can get approximately 12 hours usage at 25% power and one hour and 100% power

This light is quite a bit cheaper than its competition of lights with similar features and form factor which makes it a great value. Watch our video review of the Sokani LED video light.

Sokani X1:



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GoPro Gear / Accessories

Affordable YouTube Studio Lighting | FalconEyes SO-48TD Review



If you are in the market for affordable lighting for you home YouTube studio you may just want to take a look at the FalconEyes SO-48TD, a high-quality light without a big price tag. If you are just starting out with creating YouTube content one of the most important thing besides your camera is lighting. If your filming outside this is not so much of an issue, but if your creating an indoor studio lighting is a crucial part of your setup.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to lighting, some really cheap options, and some really expensive ones as well. If you’re just starting out you may want to choose some on the cheaper side, especially if you are just doing YouTube as a hobby and don’t want to invest a lot of money. I strongly recommend the FalconEyes SO-48TD. They can produce stunning results without breaking the bank. This series of lights come in 3 output sizes, a 28 watts, 48 watts and 68wattst. Anyone of these light would do the trick. There are many ways to set up the lights. Traditionally you would want at least one main key light and a second light for accenting.

The FalconEyes SO-48TD lights can be connected to one another wirelessly if you so choose. The benefits of this are allowing you to adjust all your lighting together. You can make an adjustment of color temperature or brightness on one and all connected lights will be adjusted automatically. The lights can be powered by both batteries and a wall socket. This makes the light very versatile if you would like to take it to a location where it can not be plugged into a wall. The unit has a nice touchscreen for controlling the brightness and temperature. The temperature range is from 3000K to 5600K and the brightness can be adjusted in 1% increments.

Another key feature of this light is that it replicates the use of a softbox and provides nice even soft lighting. This is achieved by a ring of LED lights around the outside of the fixture that point inward. The light is then reflected back out through a diffuser providing nice soft light without the bulk of big light boxes.

I think this is a great light for anyone looking to set up a YouTube studio in their home. The kit includes a nice travel case, however, you will need to purchase some light stands as they are not included in the package. I will include some links to the ones I use. They are good and solid and at an affordable price as well.

Three sizes of lights to choose from
FalconEyes SO-28TD:
FalconEyes SO-48TD:
FalconEyes SO-68TD:

Neewer Light Stands:

Batteries (2 different styles)
or you can use the Sony V Mount style without an adapter


FalconEyes SO-48TD


FalconEyes SO-48TD


The removable wireless antenna of the FalconEyes SO-48TD.


V-Mount adapter of the FalconEyes SO-48TD


The touchscreen of the FalconEyes SO-48TD.


Removable battery adapter for the FalconEyes SO-48TD. When removed it reveals a V-Mount connector that can be used with Sony V-Mount batteries as well.


Back view of the FalconEyes SO-48TD.


FalconEyes SO-48TD


The FalconEyes SO-48TD comes with a nice carrying case.

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iPhone / iPad

Mini Studio Light | Sokani X21 Review



If you are in the market for a small portable studio video light for shooting YouTube content you may just want to take a look at the Sokani X21. This is a small but powerful light that can be used for both photography and video applications. The Sokani x21 has 21 LED lights hence the name X21 and comes with everything you need to add a little extra light for your YouTube studio set up. They are a little too small to act as a key light but work great as an accent light or for brightening up dark areas.

The Sokani X21 light comes with a handy little travel pouch for storing all of its components. It also comes with a ball head and diffusers, one to soften the light and one to change the color temperature to mimic tungsten lighting. Lastly, it comes with some color gels and a micro USB cable to charge it up. According to the manufacturer, you can get 1-hour usage at 100% brightness and 2-hour usage at 50% brightness. With my testing, I was only able to get 48 minutes at 100% brightness…still an acceptable level.  You can set the brightness level in 1% increments or you can jump by 10% increments by holding down the button. The diffusers are really nice and work great to help soften the light, I like the fact that they are held in place with magnets which allows you to easily attach and remove.

The construction of this light seems to be top notch and looks like it is built to be durable which can be important for a portable travel light. This light is also perfect for those who like to vlog. It can easily be mounted or incorporated into you vlogging rig with the included ball head. All in all, this is a great little portable light for under $50.

Sokani X21 (USA)
Sokani X21 (CAN)


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