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Ultimate Portable Charging Setup For Your GoPro



There are many chargers and power banks on the market to keep your GoPro Hero 5 powered up, however, there is one setup that is a must for keeping your GoPro powered while on the Go.

Personally, my favorite brand of power-bank is Anker. I have used many over the years and I find Anker has one of the best quality power banks for GoPro on the market today. Their design is simple yet stylish and I find them to be rugged with a nice quality build. Anker makes one of the best GoPro power banks and they come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Now if you are a hiker or mountain biker and want to be able to recharge your batteries on the go, one of the best setups you can have utilizes a power bank and the GoPro Dual Charger. There are many chargers you can choose from but what makes the GoPro Dual Charger your best choice is in the fact that it is a closed unit. This means when you insert your batteries for charging they will stay in place and wont be jostled loose with movements or hard bumps. This allows you to plug the GoPro Dual charger into a power bank and charge while in a camera bag or backpack. Paired with an Anker power bank you will have your GoPro batteries charged quickly and safely all while on the move. Other 3rd party multi chargers work well when stationary, but are not capable of charging on the go and for me, that is an important feature.

Here is a list of items needed for portable GoPro charging.

U.S Amazon Pricing

Anker PowerCore 10000:
GoPro Hero 5 Dual Charger:

Canadian Amazon Pricing

Anker PowerCore 10000:
GoPro Hero 5 Dual Charger:
This setup will work for previous versions of the GoPro Hero. You will just need to order the appropriate charger for your camera.