What’s In My Drone & Camera Backpack in 2019 | What Gear Do I Carry

Every year I make a video like this, basically detailing what gear I pack in my drone/camera backpack. Things change from year to year as new cameras, drones and accessories are released. This is my 2019 edition of my “What’s in My Camera Backpack”. Now, for the most part, I consider this my everyday pack, this is the gear I bring along with me when going out to fly my drone, hiking or just adventuring.  I also have a minimalist kit that I use when traveling and I need to pack light. keep an eye out for it I will be uploading it to my YouTube Channel next.

Watch and see what gear I will be packing in my backpack in 2019.

If you looking for links for the products that I pack, they are all listed in the description of my YouTube Video.

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