Autel Evo Lite+ Review

Autel Evo Nano+ (Amazon)
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Autel Evo Lite+ (Amazon)
Autel Evo Lite+ (Website)

This is my review of the Autel Evo Lite+ drone, one of Autels newest drones, and spoiler alert it is really good. Unlike the Autel Nano which was launched at the same time and has been plagued with problems, the Evo Lite has been a solid drone right from day one. Now with that said the Autel Evo Lite and Lite+ are not full-featured drones yet as there are still many missing features such as some sort of flat/log color profile and as of the publishing of this review, no tracking. Autel has been busy releasing firmware updates for the entire line up and they have really expanded the capabilities and performance of the Evo Lite. The video quality that is captured on the Autel Evo Lite+ is superb and in my opinion, outperforms the DJI Air 2S and is almost on par with the Mavic 3. If you are into capturing photos and videos at night, then this is a drone you may want to consider as it has some excellent night photography and video modes that can capture stunning content without a lot of photography knowledge.  The big downfall of the Autel Evo Lite is the price, it is a very expensive drone. Almost $600 more than the DJI Air 2 S but definitely cheaper than the DJI Mavic 3. Watch my full review for sample footage and my thoughts on this drone after flying it for 6 weeks.

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