Autel Evo Nano+ Review

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Autel Evo Nano+ (Website)

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Autel Evo Lite+ (Website)

In this video, we are reviewing the Autel Evo Nano+ taking a look at what makes this drone pretty incredible but also talking about some of the problems it currently has. This is the first sub 250g drone that actually can deliver on some of the promises of a high-performance mini drone with advanced features such as tracking, obstacle avoidance, hyper lapses, and other intelligent features that are normally only found on high-end drones. However many of the features that are going to make this an incredible drone are not available yet and will be added via firmware soon.  On top of that, this drone does have some serries issues that need to be addressed but I am confident that Autel will get them sorted out. Since publishing this video review Autel has already released several firmware updates and has corrected some of these issues. Watch for a full rundown of what’s good and what needs work.

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