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GoPro Hero 6 Confirmed to Be Released Later This Year



Nick Woodman confirmed that there would indeed be a new GoPro Hero 6 released this year. They want to take a different approach and increase the release cycle of their flagship camera.

“We can confirm there will be new cameras and other accessories released during the year and new camera namely being Hero 6 [sic],”

Woodman also stated that they would not be sharing any other details at this time which is a common practice of GoPro and other tech companies.

Features of the GoPro Hero 6

There is little information available at this time of possible new features for the GoPro Hero 6, However, Mr. Woodman did talk about a 360 GoPro that would have a Spherical design and capture 360 footage. This would allow users to edit in flexible ways with your smartphone. He also referred to this new VR GoPro spherical camera as the ultimate GoPro. It’s not clear if this would be the new flag-ship camera or if it will just be another option added to their line up “Hero 6 Black, Hero 6 Session and Hero 6 360” It will be interesting to see how it all plays out
Mr. Woodman at CES 2017 this year talk about a more streamlined system that would allow for a more new setup where the GoPro could upload footage to your Hero camera automatically and then have a fully edited video waiting for you with little to no user interaction using the GoPro Quik app. Whether this will be a feature of the Hero 6 only of it will be compatible with the Hero 5 family of cameras is not yet known at this time.

Release Date and Pricing of the GoPro Hero 6

In the past few years, GoPro has done a live media event in September with the new line of cameras launching a few weeks later in early October’s. We can assume the Hero 6 will follow this release schedule as well. Now some rumors have popped up speculating there will be a release of a Hero 5 silver before that time.
I will keep you posted with new information on the GoPro Hero6 as it becomes available. I will also point out if it is just rumor or official new release from GoPro.