GoPro Quits Drone Business | Goodbye To The Karma Drone

So GoPro has made it official that they are quitting the drone business and that the Karma Drone has been discontinued. They have however stated that they will continue to offer support for the Karma drone to existing customers no different to how they still offer support for their older camera models.  Around the same time information has surfaced that GoPro has been possibly looking to sell the GoPro company. This information really makes you wonder about the future of GoPro and if they can survive. Tough competition in the small action camera market not to mention smartphones that are now shooting amazing 4K video. How does GoPro move ahead and thrive? They have recently entered the 360 camera market and I believe they are really putting a lot of hope on the success of their 360 Fusion camera.

Personally, I think they gave up to quick on the Karma drone, They have discontinued it about a year after its release and I think they should have pushed forward with the Karma 2. The Karma was criticized as a lackluster drone missing many key features that modern drones have such as obstacle avoidance. But as a Karma drone pilot even despite some of its shortcomings it was a great drone to fly and could produce stunning imagery. I think Karma version 2 with sensors, a bigger battery, and smaller design could have really brought the product and GoPro to a new level.

Less competition in the drone market is not good for anyone, prices could go up and innovation could slow and even get sloppy. However, even though the drone business has been shuttered I will still continue to fly and enjoy mine.

RIP Karma Drone.

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