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How To Edit Time-Lapses in GoPro Studio | Tutorial for Beginners



Here is an easy to follow step by step guide on how to edit beautiful time-lapses in GoPro Studio.

GoPro Studio is a powerful tool when it comes to editing your GoPro timelapses. This tutorial covers all the basic editing techniques you will need to create stunning time-lapses that you have filmed with your GoPro. The topics that we cover in this tutorial are.

  • Importing your media. Both image sequences and videos
  • How to combine your time-lapse image sequence into a time-lapse video
  • Converting your time-lapse in GoPro Studio
  • Introduction to timeline editing
  • The GoPro Studio work area
  • Colour correction of timelapses
  • Adding motion/movement in your timelapses
  • Speeding up and slowing down your timelapses
  • Reverse effects for your timelapses
  • Exporting you edited timelapses

We hope you find this GoPro Studio time-lapse tutorial helpful. Check out the site often as we have many time-lapse tutorials in the works with many tips and tricks to help you create beautiful time-lapses with your GoPro