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Karma Grip Extension Cable Review



Since the media event in September last year when GoPro introduced the Karma and the Karma Grip they gave us a preview of an accessory for the stabilizer called the Karma Grip extension cable. This extension cable has only recently been made available for purchase and I thought I would check it out to see just how useful it was.

The Karma extension cable is basically an accessory that allows you to mount the stabilizer away from the handle, allowing for a smaller and lighter unit to be mounted. This can be very important especial when mounting the unit on a helmet or wearing the stabilizer on a backpack or chest mount. The karma handle can then be held and used as a remote for full control of your Hero 5 or can be tucked away in a pocket or in a backpack.

Karma Grip Extension Cable:

Karma Grip Extension Cable

With the cable comes two Velcro straps that help secure the cable to whatever you are mounting the Karma Grip on. Its pretty simplistic in its design and does function effectively, however, I can’t stop wondering if this cable is worth the $100 price tag. It is useful, but when it comes to reducing the overall size, the savings are not significant.

One handy configuration I know I will be making use of this summer is converting the Karma Grip to a stabilized camera crane or jib. I did so by mounting the Karma Grip stabilizer to the new El Grande extension pole by GoPro. I then attached the handle of the Karma to the handle of the El Grande Pole using the GoPro bike / small pole mount. This allows you to fully extend the El Grand and get nice high and low angles while still being able to control the Hero 5 Black. This is an ideal setup for many activities like filming car shows or getting your camera up high in a crowd or really low shots without straining your back, all while being stabilized with the Karma Grip.

Karma Grip Extension Cable:
Karma Grip:
El Grande Extension Pole:
GoPro Bike Mount:

Using the Karma Grip extension cable with El Grande extension pole.


Using the Karma Grip extension cable with El Grande extension pole.

My final thoughts on the Karma extension cable is very neutral at this point. I think it is a handy accessory, a little overpriced and really only useful to some individuals for a handful of activities. This is definitely not a must-have accessory and its usefulness will greatly depend on the individual and how they use the Karma Grip. I am however glad that I purchased the extension cable and I know I will be making good use of it myself this summer.

A Quick Tip: When you purchase the Karma Grip extension cable it comes shipped with the ends attached/plugged in together. A significant amount of pull force is needed to get the grip ends apart. The instructions on how to get the grip apart are pretty vague and if you’re like me you might find yourself a little nervous about breaking the unit. This is demonstrated in our YouTube video review.

You can watch our video review below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Burton

    January 12, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Just came across this post. Love that mount of the Karma Grip and Extension on the El Grande Pole. Beside the Bike Mount, what other adapters did you use? I can see the 2nd Karma ring …


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