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My 2019 Minimalist GoPro / Camera Travel & Adventuring Kit



Earlier in the week, I uploaded a YouTube video titled “What’s In My Drone/Camera Backpack for 2019” basically showing what gear I pack and bring with me when flying my drone, hiking or just out adventuring. Now here is my 2019 minimalist camera kit that I take with me when traveling and I want to pack light. My 2019 version of my minimalist GoPro/Camera travel kit has some new editions from last year. To start things off, the case I use when traveling is the GoPro Casey, I like it because I find it to be a perfect size. It’s not too big, yet not too small and can hold an ample amount of gear. For the most part, I only bring what can be fit inside this case. Watch my YouTube video to see what gear I pack inside minimalist camera kit when traveling, you be surprised how simple and streamlined it is, yet still all the gear I need to capture our adventures. All the gear I pack is listed at the bottom of this post if you saw something you liked and want to check it out further.

Osmo Pocket (DJI Website)
Osmo Pocket (Amazon)
Osmo Pocket Mount:
Osmo Pocket Wireless Base:
Osmo Pocket Scroll Wheel:
Osmo Pocket ND Filters:
GoPro Casey:
GoPro Hero 7 Black:
Insta360 One X:
Osmo Pocket ND Filters:
FeiyuTech Charging Handle:
Extension Pole:
GoPro Battery Charger:
GoPro Mount Adapter:
Micro SD Memory:
PolarPro Snorkle Filter:
Hydrophobic Lens Protector:
GoPro Floating Hand Grip:
Apple Lightning SD Card Reader: