DJI Go 4 App Inconsistent Firmware Error Message

Have you ever got the “Inconsistent firmware Found” error with your DJI Go 4 app and DJI Spark? In this post, we will explain what it is and why you are getting it. Usually, this message will appear after you have recently updated the firmware on your DJI drone. All DJI drone batteries are considered intelligent batteries and rightfully so. Now with the intelligent features of the batteries comes firmware. Not only is there firmware in your drone, but also in your controller and batteries.

So what tends to happen is you load up your Go 4 app and connect your drone. You are greeted with a message that there are firmware updates to install to your DJI Spark or Mavic Pro. You follow the instructions an successfully install the new updates. You fly your drone with no issues. You come in and land, pop in a new battery so you can fly again and that is when you are greeted with the message “inconsistent firmware found”. This can be confusing especially since you just updated the firmware successfully and have even flown the aircraft.

The reason this message will appear is that you have now placed a new battery into the drone and the firmware has not been updated on that particular battery. The solution is simple. Just follow the onscreen instructions and the battery’s firmware will be updated. You will need to pop in every battery one at a time and update the firmware.

I have 6 batteries for my DJI Spark and find it best to do this at home when I update the firmware. It can be a little tedious when you have a lot of batteries, but better than doing it out in the field wasting battery power and time

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