GoPro Fusion App Updates to Support OverCapture

So a few days back GoPro released an update the iOS app for iPhone and iPad to support OverCapture on the GoPro Fusion 360 Camera. This feature was first promoted back at the September GoPro launch event. When the fusion was released in November only a basic version of OverCapture was available via the Fusion Studio desktop software. GoPro stated OverCapture would be brought to mobile in early 2018 and it is nowhere. From what I have read this is just a preliminary version and many new features and enhancements will be added over the coming months including possible support of the GoPro Quik App for incredible auto edits from the 360 videos you capture.

GoPro Fusion:

For those that don’t know, OverCapture is a feature to allow you to frame a traditional HD video out of a spherical video. You can move around within the scene to grab any angle you wish. This makes capturing content from different perspectives very easy as you don’t have to point the camera at one fixed position to make sure you always capture the action. It’s like having many GoPro’s pointed in many different directions. OverCapture also allows you to create visually interesting tiny planet style videos and photos.

My first initial impression of the Mobile OverCapture feature was quite good. I found it easy to use and can produce excellent results. There are many features that I would like to see added in future revisions such as the ability to do basic image editing. Being able to adjust exposure and saturation right in the app would be very handy. I would also like to see a way to edit your completed OverCapture. The way it stands right now when you create your OverCapture edit you can not go back and make a change if you are not happy with the way something looks. With the Rylo 360 camera and their version of “OverCapture”, it is possible to go back and make changes via keyframes. I would really like to see GoPro implement a similar style of editing.

Watch our YouTube video demonstrating the GoPro app and OverCapture in Action.

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