GoPro Selling $299 Refurbished Karma Drones | What Condition Are They In?

Right now GoPro has a sale on their refurbished Karma Drones which means you can pick up a complete Karma system for $299 U.S. minus the GoPro camera. The Karma is compatible with the Hero 5/6/7 Black. This is an amazing deal considering the Karma stabilizer is $299 by itself, at this rate you are basically getting the drone, controller, and accessories for free. I was very curious to see what condition a $299 refurbished karma drone would be in so I ordered on in so I could check them out. With refurbished units sometimes you never know what you are going to get, however, the GoPro website states that all refurbished Karma Drones are thoroughly tested and certified. They also state that the drones may have minor cosmetic flaws such as scratches or nicks.

Upon inspection of my refurbish Karma Drone I was quite surprised on the condition it was in, for the most part, everything looked brand new, a few minor marks on the plastic but I think that could just be from handling during the recertification testing. There was some sticky residue on the Karma body I think from maybe a sticker, perhaps identification and information that was attached to the unit when it was sent in to be refurbished.

Even though by today’s standards the Karma is out of date and lacking many features such as obstacle avoidance, the Karma is a fun drone to fly and you can capture some amazing content with it. If you already own a Karma grabbing it at this price might be a good idea even if only for a backup or parts. Watch our YouTube video as we unbox and examine this $299 refurbished Karma Drone.

Refurbished Karma Drone:


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