Mavic Air Soft Case by Polar Pro – Rugged Edition

In this video, we take a closer look at the Mavic Air case by Polar Pro. This is the rugged edition and built to withstand and protect you DJI Mavic Air while out adventuring. It is a soft-sided style case but has a very rigid built and offers ample crush protection. The interior features a precision cut inlay and securely keeps all components in place even if dropped. You are able to store 5 batteries in this case. 3 in the cutouts at the top, one in the cutout under the Mavic Air and one in the aircraft itself.

A nice quality build, strong and extremely light compared to plastic cases. They also make a smaller case called the minimalist for those who want a smaller case when traveling.

Mavic Air Case – Rugged:
Mavic Air Case – Minimalist:

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A strong light and durable case for your DJI Mavic Air.


The Polar Pro Mavic Air Case features precision cut foam.


The pocket in the lid can hold an iPad Mini or full-size iPad. You can even store you prop guards if desired.


All components are firmly held in place even if the case is dropped.

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